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Labor Day Lift-Off

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Balloon Launching Event
Tourist Attractions


June 30, 2020— We are very pleased to announce that Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off will take place this Labor Day Weekend in a heavily modified form.  With this in mind, event organizers Hot Apple Productions, LLC and the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation plan to bring hot air balloons to residents across Colorado Springs with an innovative twist. “The Colorado Springs community will be able to experience early morning balloon launches while balloons fill the city skyline, launching from numerous locations around town,” said Hot Apple Productions Managing Member, Scott Appelman, “Additionally, we will have a pop up Balloon Glow, weather permitting. Locations to be determined for the upcoming Labor Day weekend”. 

The Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off continues a 43-year tradition of a hot air balloon event in Colorado Springs. “I am happy to see this beloved event continue to make a positive impact during this difficult time,” said Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off Founder, Dewey Reinhard.  

Labor Day Lift Off’s usual donut eating contest, lake events, and field activities will not take place and no vendors will be available. No events will occur at Memorial Park. 

“Our goal is to create a unique community event that allows residents to continue to enjoy the tradition of the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off,” said Sports Corp President and CEO Tom Osborne.  Residents are encouraged to visit and join the event’s Facebook page for updates and the latest event information. 

Both partners are thrilled to be able to do this under the environment we are all experiencing. The Labor Day Lift off will be one of very few balloon events that will take place in the world this year. It will look different not being held at Memorial Park, but available for the community to watch with balloons launching from different locations in Colorado Springs.


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Event Date:
9/5/2020 - 9/7/2020

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See Website for Times and Activities

Memorial Park
1705 East Pikes Peak Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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Labor Day Lift Off
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